Law enforcement club part of deadly Denver motorcycle show brawl

A motorcycle show in Denver delivered more than glimpses of new 2016 models and accessories — there was a scrap between an outlaw club and a police/law enforcement club that ended with seven people in hospital, and one fatality.

Police aren’t indicating which groups were to blame, but they say the incident came as a result of rivalries between two clubs. Four people were shot, and one was stabbed; one of the shooting victims died as a result of his injuries. Nobody has been arrested in the incident yet. However, the Denver Post is reporting the fight was between the notorious Mongol outlaw club and the Iron Order, a club that includes many military, police, and other law enforcement personnel.

As always, the aftermath is quickly devolving into he said-she said. The Mongols say the brawl started when they were taunted then attacked by their rivals (which the Iron Order of course denies), and that the shooting fatality came after an off-duty cop shot a Mongol. A lawyer for the Iron Order club said one of its members, an off-duty jail guard, fired a shot, but doesn’t know if he hit anybody.

Despite the Iron Order’s makeup of law enforcement members, this follow-up piece by the Denver Post has several sources saying the club has an aggressive, violent side itself. Don’t forget, the fallout from last year’s shootout in Waco, Texas, hasn’t ended yet either, when questions were raised about law enforcement’s role after a bloody brawl ended in several deaths.


  1. Apparently one of the clubs is a police club. A bunch of superstar cops . Their leadership must be top notch. Very professional.They should come to N.B. as they would fit right in.We have a dozen or so cops charged with various crimes from attemped murder to uttering threats. Yup bolth RCMP and city cops. Just google. Ride Safe!

  2. The whole scene is plain funny but Iron Order MC? That’s another level of dumbassedness.

    And are fat guys now too fat to just brawl anymore? What a pathetic lot.

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