Another week, another Royal Enfield Himalayan spy shot


It’s hard to what the deal is with the constant barrage of spy shots featuring the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

On one hand, it’s rare to have months and months of clear photographs of a bike before it’s released, especially with no pro spy photographers involved (which is a story worthy of its own telling). Everything we’ve seen indicates that this is the new Himalayan, and it will be here this winter.

On the other hand: Are we all being played for suckers? Could any vehicle manufacturer really be this leaky when it comes to top-secret information?

The latest photos show a Himalayan prototype with aluminum hard luggage, which is demanded by the globetrotting set (unless you subscribe to the less-is-more thinking of Austin Vince and his types, bolting on surplus army rucksacks). It also looks like Royal Enfield is using a camouflage scheme to hide the shape of their bodywork — but given the months of rumours and photos, it’s probably  a bit late for that.


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