EICMA: Honda – new City Adventure concept

As seen at EICMA!

Photos by Alexandra Straub.

Honda has released a new concept called the City Adventure. From what we can deduce from the pics this scooter is a line extension of the European market-only Honda Integra 750, a maxi-scooter based on the NX750 motorcycle platform that has footboards and a semi-automatic gearbox, but rolls on 17 inch front and 15″ wheels and uses full motorcycle suspension.

On this concept, wire wheels with twin discs up front, knobbly ties and beefy bodyside appearance suggest rugged durability for people bombing through the concrete canyons of Europe.

And that is that for Honda’s pre-show show (no big new releases coming).

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    • No revolution here, was just hoping for one that is less budget oriented and with a bit more power than a BW`s 125 although this would be a wee bit too expensive for me.

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