New Kawasaki ZX-10R unveiled

The Superbike Wars rage on, with a new, heavily revised Kawasaki ZX-10R unveiled.

Kawasaki’s seen a lot of success in World Superbike in recent years, and they’ve taken their trade secrets and integrated them into this motorcycle — at least, that’s their story, and they’re sticking to it. The new bike is almost completely redesigned from the outgoing model.

Here’s what you get for your cash. The motor now makes 207 hp (with ram air) and 83 ft-lb of torque, thanks to a lighter crankshaft, a larger airbox, new titanium exhaust, an updated, lighter, piston, and a revised engine ports and valvetrain.

The bike will also be available in Kawasaki's racing-inspired livery.
The bike will also be available in Kawasaki’s racing-inspired livery.

To put all that power to the ground, Kawasaki has not only upgraded the suspension (fully-adjustable forks and shock from Showa, copied from their WSB machines), but also included an electronics package. The new ZX-10R has an IMU (inertial measuring unit) that helps the rider manage engine braking, launch control, ABS, traction control, a quick shifter and “Corner Management Function,” which sounds an awful lot like the cornering ABS technology found on other superbikes.

ABS is optional on the ZX-10R. There are four models of the bike — a standard  model with or without ABS, and the “Kawasaki Racing Team Edition,” also available with or without ABS.

The transmission has also been upgraded, with the ratios now closer than before.

The ZX-10R gets new Brembo M50 monobloc brake calipers, with dual 330 mm discs up front. Curb weight is 204 kg. You can find the rest of the bike’s specs and other details at Kawasaki’s site here. The base model is selling for $14,999 in the US, but we’ve received no word as to Canadian pricing yet.


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