Grom Scrambler concepts could signal fun future for Honda

The Grom is on its way to becoming an all-time Honda classic (read our review of the bike here), but in its current form, it’s street-only. Concept bikes from Honda show that could change soon.

Honda’s exhibiting a couple concept bikes at the Tokyo Motor Show that combine the Grom platform with scrambler styling. We don’t have a lot of details, but the photos look pretty cool. It seems the bike would share the same basic chassis and 125 cc motor as the original Grom.

Will Honda make this? It’s hard to say yet, but one thing’s clear: If all the Internet buzz is true, if Big Red does build this bike, people will be lined up to buy it.

This one looks pretty cool, too,
This one looks pretty cool, too,


  1. If this is only a 50cc then people would be able to drive this on road in BC with just a regular driver’s licence. I see a winner here!

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