Fundy Adventure Rally 2015 is a wrap!

Photos: Eric Russell

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you should already know the Fundy Adventure Rally is a wrap for 2015, and it was a pretty good time!

Despite a pounding from a tropical storm on Friday, the rally went forward as planned Saturday on very soggy trails. The easy sections became tricky, the tricky sections became difficult, and the difficult situations became almost impassible.

Despite the increased difficulty, every single leg of the route was completed by at least one team, including some very challenging optional river crossings.

That was a pretty easy road, until a tropical storm hit the day before.
That was a fairly straightforward road, until a tropical storm hit the day before.

There were a few DNFs, but the rescue truck only made one trip out, and that was for a flat tire towards the end of the rally.

Of course, along with the riding, we had camping, demo rides from main sponsor BMW, presentations from experienced industry experts and adventure riders, rider training and all sorts of other fun.

We’ll have a full write-up on the day’s madness coming soon. Until then, enjoy the video below, and think of the fun you missed.



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