Video: Flatbed 1, Ducati 0

One of the most common causes cars and trucks run over motorcycles is drivers’ seeming inability to see bikes. Here’s a great example of this strange disability.

Although the classic SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I didn’t See You) crash happens at a four way intersection with the car turning left, this is pretty close, with a truck from a building supply retailer making a left down a side road and absolutely smashing a Ducati. Thankfully, the rider has time to jump clear, but his bike didn’t fare so well.


  1. Thought the truck was turning onto a one way street (in his favour). But no. Everything was copasetic. So then why did the m/c ist freeze, on the wrong side of the road no less ? He should have been high tailing it for the sidewalk on the right. Awfully polite rider. I would have grabbed the guy by the scruff of the neck, but then the m/c was in the wrong. Fagget it. Funny that the driver did this dramatic lean-over-and-take-a-closer-look thing, as if to say “Right. Let’s get to it ! How do I dislodge this motorcycle from my front bumper?” No compassion for the guy that almost got crunched big time.

  2. Looks like the truck driver didn’t “rock and roll” to see around his mirror. It is very easy to loose sight of things in a turn.

  3. Rui. Tsk tsk. Such maliciousness. I fear you have anger management issues. One must really learn to maintain a state of control. Rather un-seemly and all.

    What one must bear in mind is that the characters in this wee urban drama are what you call “English”. Scientifically, the phyla is known as “Sassanach Twat”, or “Sassanach Git”. Colloquially, these mouth-breathing mammals are referred to by the common class name:“English Bastard”.

    Had this battle for male dominance and breeding and hunting authority involved a Scottish biker, the outcome should have been decidedly different. The alpha Scot biker displays many tell-tale signs before the off for the hunt. Chest puffed out and a unique odour of alcohol on the breath. The Scot biker combines this with the classic ‘arms carried chest-high’ walk and ginger hued skin. The Scot biker attacks alone and in groups, often with a lion-like roar of: “Get tae fuh ya basta!” and “See you? Yer gettin’ it!”

    Although the Scot biker will almost always attack prey in instances of ‘bike mushed by lorry’, it is also known to attack indiscriminately. Scientists have discovered certain triggers to this violent behaviour, such as “You lukin’ at ma burd?”, “Tha’s nae ma fitba team” and “I’m fookin’ steamin’, man I’m pished! A swallied twelve pints o’ heavy”

    Hope this could be of service.

  4. The English are so polite, otherwise that shithead driver deserves a beating – not just for the accident, but then dragging the freak’n thing afterwards, then getting out and not even paying attention or saying sorry tor the guy he just hit! F’n tool!

    Lady is lovely though.

  5. I get it because I often ask myself “how did I miss not seeing that car?” “That car” being the one I rode my mc straight in to. On a busy highway. During rush hour. It can happend. As simple and as quick as that.

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