Help fund a follow-up to Fifty Years of Kicks

A few years back, and Traction eRag worked together to produce the short film Fifty Years of Kicks. Now they want to shoot a follow-up, with your help. And, they want to throw off-road hero Graham Jarvis into the mix.

In case you haven’t seen the original film or don’t remember it, it followed two older off-road riders as they talked about their lifetime of trail-riding. It has almost a half-million views; you can see it here. Now the guys behind the video want to shoot another film about Paul Rodden and Larry Murray, but they to raise some funds first.

On their Kickstarter page, the filmmakers are hoping to raise $14,850 for an ambitious project. They want to film a sequel to the original video, off-roading in Northern Canada with Jarvis, Rodden and Murray. They’ll need to raise quite a bit of money to cover the cost of getting everyone up north, including the film crew – hence the Kickstarter page.

A few excerpts from their Kickstarter page:

Paul and Larry are Still Kickin’. We want to fly champion enduro rider Graham Jarvis to northern Canada to ride with them and to talk about how-to live your entire life on motorcycles.

The final result will be a documentary released for free on Youtube.

Our first documentary, the 20-minute Fifty Years of Kicks, introduced life-long riders Paul and Larry to the off-road community. The film inspired many riders to keep doing what you love and keep having fun, age be damned. Everybody wants to be like them “when we grow-up”.

We’ve all seen amazing videos of Graham Jarvis the champion rider, but who is this guy? What’s he like to hang out with? What’s it like to be one of the world’s top riders? Does he get scared? What do you have to do to turn your passion into your living?

We want to find out what it takes to keep motorcycling a lifetime passion. What is it like to ride for a living versus riding purely for fun? How do you avoid getting burned-out of an activity you love? How do you fit motorcycling into your life around a day job? How do you justify the risks and dangers with your family?

We also want to talk with young riders with a life full of trail miles ahead of them.


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