Motorcycle vs. fire truck: Video


A motorcycle accident is a bad thing. A head-on collision  with a fire truck is even worse. But, here’s one rider who managed to survive that, against all expectations.

You can see the actual crash, and video footage with the survivor, in the ABC News clip below. Unsurprisingly, the rider is suffering memory loss after the crash. At least he has his GoPro video to remind him of how he ended up in the hospital.


  1. Interesting story. Good to see the guy was only going 43 Mph into the corner, so it wasn’t a story about ‘reckless’ speed. It would’ve been nice for some follow up with a push for more rider training, instead of not riding anymore.

  2. Target fixation. I have done this, but with much less threatening targets. You can see how as soon as the truck comes into view, the bike stands up. It went exactly where he pointed it. So glad this story has a happy ending.

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