Honda to sponsor Flat Track Canada

That's right, kids - you can take in vintage flat track racing in Alberta this weekend.

Remember earlier this week, when we told you flat track racing is making a comeback? Here’s more evidence: Honda Canada has just announced they’re sponsoring Flat Track Canada this year.

Terms of the deal haven’t been announced, so we don’t know how much money is changing hands. What’s certain is that this is a big step forward for Flat Track Canada. The organization is fairly young, founded in 2012, and can certainly use the cash and help from a major sponsor like Big Red.

We’ve listed the 2015 Flat Track Canada schedule below. Check it out – a longer season than CSBK, and 11 races, not seven. Unless one competitor completely outclasses everyone else, that long season should make for months of entertainment as riders jockey for position in the standings.

The last CSBK race is on August 16, and we’re wondering if we’ll see more CSBK racers trying their hand at going slideways after that. Maybe Jodi Christie will return to flat track for the last three races, especially now that Honda is sponsoring the series?

2015 Canadian Championship Race Series Schedule

May 16 – Paris Half Mile – Paris,ON
May 23 – Burford Fairgrounds – Burford,ON
June 6 – Welland County Speedway – Welland,ON
June 27 -Welland County Speedway – Welland,ON
July 18 – Leamington Half Mile – Leamington, ON
July 19 – Erie Ramblers Club – Wheatley, ON
Aug.1 – Woodstock Fairgrounds -Woodstock,ON
Aug. 15 – Walton Trans-Can- Walton, ON
Aug. 22 – Western Fair District – London,ON
Sept. 5 – Paris Short Track – Paris, ON
Sept. 19 – Erie Ramblers Club – Wheatley, ON



    • The series will only continue to grow as long as leadership doesn’t screw up. People are welcoming a change from MX and roadracing.

    • There’s an ice road between Churchill and Arviat that snowmobiles use in the winter. It’s likely the easiest way to ride a motorcycle into Nunavut, as there are no roads leading into the territory anymore – there used to be an ice road in the northwest corner, but that’s been closed down.

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