Video: Mind Wide Open

Dirt bike culture is often about the braaap, the roost, the smell of two-stroke in the morning. This video is about dirt biking, but you don’t get any of that.

This video is produced by META, a new twice-a-year print mag that celebrates “our shared passion for dirtbike culture through a collective offering from some of the most imaginative and accomplished minds in the industry”their words, not ours.

That sounds suspiciously like it might be a dirt bike mag for hipsters, and the introduction to the video might convince you. All we have to say is, watch on – the hipsters might be coming to the dirt bike world, but they sure do some nice camera work …


  1. Hipsterism might be going a bit far. In general action sports videos have been getting much more artistic/better produced. Check out some of the latest mountain bike or ski videos.

    While we are talking offroad why not cover more of it like Cory Graffunder, extreme enduro rider or Supercross contender Cole Thompson. Just don’t get me started on the Canadian media ignoring the largest motorcycle event of the year until.

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