Kawasaki Concours gets updates

Kawasaki’s biggest news at EICMA was their H2 superbike, followed by their Z300. But Team Green has also been working on their Concours (known in some markets as the 1400 GTR), with a host of minor tweaks for the 2015 model.

While the motor is mostly unchanged, it’s supposed to make a bit more torque in the low-to-mid rev range, and there’s a revised first gear that makes starts and slow-speed riding easier.

For riders wanting to go the distance, the Connie got a new seat (more comfortable, supposedly, and there’s a new optional touring seat available as well). They also included a new three-position electrically adjustable windshield. There’s also a new exhaust shield to keep riders more comfortable when stuck in traffic.

The rear suspension has been revised to add stiffer settings, a particularly useful feature for riders who want to carry heavy luggage loads. There’s a remote preload adjuster that makes tweaking your setup much easier.

The ABS system was also updated for 2015, to reduce the effect of linked braking.


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