BMW upgrades F800R

Along with the new S1000 XR, BMW also announced an upgraded version of the F800R today at EICMA.

The most visible change to the machine is the new headlight – BMW abandoned their trademark cockeyed headlamps for a single light up front. No longer will it share the same the same headlight as the F800 GS.

There are also minor updates to the bodywork (new side panels, rad cover) and new wheels. The seat height has been lowered a few mm as well, and there are other ergonomic changes to handlebars and footpegs.

The motor now makes 90 hp, up from 87 hp, although torque output remains the same. First and second gear have been shortened, and there are several optional electronic aids like electronic suspension adjustment.

Speaking of suspension, the F800R also gets a new set of USD forks. However, we don’t know its dimensions or adjustability yet.


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