Jay Leno returning to television with motor show: Report

According to writer Mark Gardiner’s blog (one of the best out there!), Jay Leno is returning to the tube with a television-friendly version of his famous YouTube show.

As far as YouTube shows go, Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the best. It’s engaging, and although it often features cars, Leno occasionally whips out an antique motorcycle and puts it through its paces. You can see one of his recent bike pieces below.

According to Gardiner, Leno’s new show will be on air “soon” – Leno wouldn’t confirm exactly when. Of course, Leno’s got a bit more time on his hands, now that he’s left the Tonight Show.

What will the show look like? One of the staff at Leno’s garage (Leno has 150 cars and 100 motorcycles) told Gardiner the show wasn’t going to be fake, scripted junk, like so much of American reality TV. And why should it be? Leno’s knowledgeable and passionate about his material, which shows in his work. See for yourself below.

By the way, Hollywood Reporter seems to confirm that Leno is working on a new show with CNBC, although they don’t mention that it’s a gearhead show.


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