The Vintagent covers the Cannonball

Photo: Felicia Morgan

Photo: Felicia Morgan

In the past few days, we had plenty of coverage of the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball. Here’s some more, from a rider who completed the event – Paul d’Orléans of The Vintagent blog.

The Motorcycle Cannonball takes riders from Florida to Washington state on vintage machines, made before 1936. That’s 3,938 miles on bikes that were built long before most of our readers were born.

You might wonder why the Cannonball got so much coverage this year, but a good read-through of this piece and a look at the photos should show you why. This is truly a one-of-a-kind event. It takes an amazing combination of luck, mechanical skill and determination to restore one of these vintage bikes, let alone ride it across a continent.

Sadly, the CMG budget doesn’t allow us to enter such contests, and we doubt we could keep a Henderson Four running for long. We’re quite happy with our electric start and disc brakes, thank you very much. Nonetheless, it must be an amazing feeling to complete a ride like this.

Click here to read Paul d’Orléans’ story.

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