Yamaha FZ-07 accessories list grows

ABS isn't available on the Canadian FZ-07, but is an option on the European version (known as the MT07).

Yamaha’s FZ-07 has proven to be a big hit with writers and riders both this year (Editor ‘Arris was impressed when he first rode one back in the spring).

But what if you want to add  a few bits to improve performance or comfort?

Here are a few items you can look at to spruce up your ride. As the bike’s only started production this year, there isn’t as much available as other models, but the list is growing longer all the time.


The exhaust is often one of the first change for mod-happy owners. There are already several options available for the FZ-07. Arrow has a Thunder system compatible with the FZ-07, of stainless steel and carbon-fibre construction. There’s a track version and street-legal version, with removable insert to cut down on sound. It sells for around $780 US online; you can find out more here. Arrow also has tuned their X-Cone exhaust system for the FZ-07; you can find it for sale here. It’s a bit more expensive (around$875 US).

Akrapovic also has an exhaust system out for the FZ-07. It’s made of titanium with stainless steel headers; they have a carbon-fibre variant as well, although finding one may be tricky. The titanium unit costs around $970 USD; the carbon-fibre version is around $750 USD. You can find them for sale here.

Two Brothers Racing has an exhaust system out for the bike as well, with carbon-fiber can; it’s listed around $900 US on their website, but will probably go down in price once it hits online retailers.


With the wonders of fuel injection comes the capability to tweak your bike’s power delivery. Power Commander is working on several accessories that let you fool around with your bike’s electronics, potentially making more horsepower, or letting you tune the powerband to your own liking. Find out more at their website here.


Ermax makes a belly pan you can buy for around $160 US. Vagabond Motorsports sells a frame slider kit for $90 US. Puig also makes frame sliders, but they’re a lot more, at $170 US.

R&G also has frame sliders available for the FZ-07. You can find them for $131.27, along with front axle sliders ($69), rear axle sliders ($66), engine case guards ($224) and a radiator guard ($106).


A Vicious Cycle also carries the MRA Double Bubble racing windscreen ($117). Puig also makes one, selling for $129 US. If you really want something different, you can order an aluminum screen from Rizoma, in Italy, for around 220 Euros.






  1. The FZ07 is really a cool sized bike.. right weight.. right power.. It’s begging for some wind protection.
    The fist thing I would put on if I had a FZ07 (which I am seriously considering) is a Madstad screen.
    Same system as the FZ09; adjustable, removable, available in different sizes. Why aren’t bikes equipped like this from the factory?

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