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Some guys have it – that natural cool, that doesn’t let anything break their stride. Not even a motorcycle crash.

Chair time

According to Wikipedia, the first traffic roundabout predated the internal combustion engine. We find that hard to believe, because looking at the video below, we would have guessed the roundabout was invented by a sidecar driver who wanted an opportunity to showcase his mad skillz.

Vanishing act

Francois Brodeur
Francois Brodeur

What do you do if your riding buddy ends up missing while you’re on a road trip? You call the police, that’s what. And that’s what Francois Brodeur’s riding partner did last week when the 55-year-old Quebec man disappeared during their ride around Cape Breton. The cops searched the area, even calling in aerial units for the search, turning up … nothing.

Why? Because Brodeur was hundreds of kilometres away, that’s why. Instead of sticking to the Cape Breton plan, Brodeur had somehow ended up riding to New Brunswick, and was spotted in Oromocto.

Brodeur is home now; police still don’t know what happened, and say there’s an investigation ongoing. Our guess is, his riding partner was aboard an RD350, and Brodeur couldn’t stand sucking in that two-stroke exhaust for the ride home from the Cabot Trail.

Turn signal tutorial

A few weeks ago, we shared some tongue-in-cheek tips from Ichiban Moto on how to make your own “bad ass cafe racer.” Here’s another installment in the series.


Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood

So, one major problem with the entertainment industry these days is their reluctance to try new talent over established stars. That means you end up getting somewhat unlikely people hosting motor shows at times – like, say celebrity baker Paul Hollywood, who is apparently going to start in a new TV show in the UK focusing on cars and motorcycles, after hosting Great British Bake Off.

What’s Paul Hollywood’s pedigree? Well, he’s a baker, from a long line of bakers. True, he owns a few fast cars and has a Ducati, but he’s not known for racing the Isle of Man or anything like that, although he can allegedly bake a pretty mean pastry. Hopefully his show won’t be the same as those treats – all flaky and fluffy. Er, that joke sounded better when we first came up with it.

In any case, this is only a sign of things to come. At the rate things are going, expect Martha Stewart to star in an upcoming chopper build-off show, and Oprah is likely in talks for an around-the-world  adventure riding mini-series, complete with chase trucks for gear.

Source: Motorbiketimes

Bustin rhymes

The Internet has something for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in. Just imagine, say, that you wanted a YouTube channel that offered a quick description of a motorcycle, followed by a poetry recital. Yup, gotcha covered. We’re guessing it’ll take a little while for that view count to climb, though.

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