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XXL racing

What’s faster: One big husky dude on a bike, or three small skinny guys? Find out the answer below … it seems this video was shot in a country where race safety standards are a little more lax than something you’d see in Canada.

An end to crime

bike in airIf you’ve ever had a bike stolen, you know it’s a terrible situation (unless it wasn’t running, and insurance paid you handsomely for it – a winning scenario that would never happen to CMG staff). One Russian guy had to go through this bad time not once, but twice, recently, and came up with new way to bamboozle thieves. He decided to store his bike more securely.

This guy didn’t put his bike in a garage or buy a better luck, though. Nope, he decided to lift it, into the air. He’s put together a contraption that hangs the bike off his apartment’s balcony, lifting it into the air by an electric motor’s power. We’re wondering what happens if the power ever goes out when his bike in the air, though …

Source: Sowetan Live

Horsepower vs. Legpower

That awkward moment, when you’re overtaken by a bicyclist …

Comic book cop-out

Uh ... can you be a Ghost Rider if you don't actually ride?
Uh … can you be a Ghost Rider if you don’t actually ride?

As most comic book fans know, the Ghost Rider has long been the most famous two-wheeled hero of sequential art (with apologies to Captain America, who occasionally dusts off his bike when Harley-Davidson is in need of a film tie-in). Ghost Rider’s persona of a spectral biker came about during the 1970s, when Marvel re-imagined their existing Western hero as a modern-day biker with supernatural powers as a result of a deal with the Devil. Not on could they tie in with the anti-hero craze that was big in the funny pages back then, they could also cash in on the public appetite for bikesploitation, and even a bit of the hype Evel Knievel had built around stunt riding, since the original Ghost Rider was a pro stunt motorcyclist.

But not anymore! Ghost Rider isn’t a stunt rider anymore; he’s not even a motorcyclist. Marvel has kicked off a new comic book series featuring a Hispanic kid who becomes Ghost Rider; in stead of a crazy flaming chopper, though, he has a hot rod. For some reason, Marvel has stuck with the Ghost Rider name, though; maybe it’s because Ghost Driver doesn’t have quite the same ring.


Here is a good reminder of the importance of staying on-track … there’s nothing like a pitchfork to the face from an angry one-armed farmer to ruin your day.


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