Video: Harley-Davidson electric project


When news broke on Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the Interwebz were abuzz. The haters hated, the EV fans rejoiced, and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a reference to the bike. Hey, it was even on BBC.

But what about Harley-Davidson – what does the MoCo itself have to say about the machine? Here’s a short video from CNN, talking with Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s president and COO. You can get a good earful of what the bike sounds like too. It sounds suspiciously like a Dust Buster …

Matt LevatichMatt
Matt Levatich
Matt Levatich
Matt Levatich


  1. I am not a rich man. I have oft said… when a major manufacturer… with an honourable warrenty… offers an electric motorcycle… I will buy one. Lord, please let it not be H-D.

    • There are certain advantages to riding H-D, one of which is a huge dealer network. That could come in handy for early adopters …

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