Long Termer: F800GS Adventure


We just picked up our second long term test bike; a BMW F800GS Adventure. This one’s in the custody of Editor ‘Arris who will primarily be using it to scout the trails for the upcoming Fundy Adventure Rally as well as a few tours and day rides.

For those who are not familiar with the Adventure version of the 800GS, it’s basically a fully equipped 800GS, with crash bars, wider footpegs , bigger rad shrouds and  a bigger windscreen for weather protection, 10mm of extra padding on the seat and a 24-litre fuel tank (the standard 800 has a 16-litre tank).

All this adds $1,350, 15 kgs and makes the bike a little over 10% thirstier on gas, but it does make it more adept for distance riding which is what we hope to be doing with it over the summer along with the F.A.R. scouting duties.

The Adventure gets the Tim Hortons’ treatment with a fatter arse (that’s the fuel tank BTW)

It’s an (almost) fully equipped F800GS which, considering ‘Arris’s tendency to take on too much and post late (talking of which, the final V-Strom update has been promised within the week), is likely a blessing.

Our tester came equipped with  optional aluminum luggage — approx. 44 l (right) and  38 l (left) — as well as LED spot lights a centrestand and heated grips, though plans are to fit some extra accessories (a heavier duty bash guard and a better pipe for example) but we’ll be deciding what’s on the menu once he’s put a few miles it.

More to come!




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