Fundy Adventure Rally set for Sep 5/6/7, 2014

September 5/6/7, 2014

Our sister organization, Canada Moto Rallies is hosting a new Adventure Rally out east in the Fundy area of New Brunswick.  The rally will take place over the weekend of the 5/6/7 September this year, with a 500 km main gravel route and optional side routes for those looking for something more technically challenging.

CMR’s Rob Harris said “I’m really pleased that we could make this happen. We have a good record of putting together interesting rallies with the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally already well established and the small capacity bike Dawn 2 Dusk rally into its fourth year. However, I’ve always wanted to do an adventure-based event that highlights the great gravel roads and trails where I live in southern New Brunswick. Fundy is most famous for its high tides, but it also has an extensive network of trails and amazing scenery. By combining a basic gravel road loop and a load of more challenging additional sections I think we have something for everyone. It’s also going to be quite long, so there’s an endurance aspect for all.”

To really make a rally to remember, BMW Motorrad Canada stepped up to the plate to provide financial support and become title sponsor.

A fine day, good friends and a fast pace. What could possibly go wrong?
The Fundy area of New Brunswick is an ideal location to go adventure riding.

“Having someone like BMW on board is everything. Events like these really need to have a big player to support and endorse them in order to allow them to attract all the elements required to make them into something special,” Harris added. “With BMW’s well-established track record in the adventure market and whole-hearted support of the concept, we couldn’t ask for a better backer.”

BMW Motorrad Canada’s Chris Duff added, “BMW Motorrad Canada is very pleased to be able to partner with Canada Moto Guide and the Fundy Adventure Rally.  Adventure motorcycling is such a big part of the BMW business that we jumped at the chance to support a new start up event on the east coast.  CMG has proven in the past that they have the desire and ability to put on a quality event that will grow into a must attend rally for the Maritimes.  We look forward to being able to help promote adventure riding in an area of the country that the “GS” family of bikes were designed for.”

We’ll be updating with more info on the rally over the next few weeks, but for now you can sign up for our email updates here and find out more at


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  2. So ‘arris, BMW must have forgotten what you did to their GS demo bike a few years back. The rally looks great but the date conflicts with the Calabogie Boogie. Wish I could do both.

    • Hi Terry,

      I wouldn’t say forgotten but they have been kind enough to offer me the new F800GS Adventure as a long termer this year!

      Shame about the date conflict. There’s also the Orange Crush event in Montreal that weekend so a double hit but it’s hard to get dates for these things that don’t clash with something. If it works well we’ll make it an annual event so there’s always 2015.

      Cheers, Rob

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