Sabretooth patents rear wheel steering, active suspension systems


Ever heard of Sabretooth motorcycles? For most of us, the company’s high-end trikes and cruisers are out of our price range, even if we were into three-wheeling. However, that high price tag means the company is working on some interesting new technology.

According to Cyril Huze, Sabretooth has got a patent for a rear wheel steering system. On slippery roads, a trike’s momentum can sometimes push the front wheel down the road in a skid, instead of turning. The idea is, having the rear wheels steer will avoid that problem.

The rear wheel steering system will be installed on Sabretooth’s V8-powered WildCat trike lineup as standard equipment, says Huze. They’re also adding an active suspension system as standard for that lineup as well. The new DynaGrip suspension system is supposed to combine the benefits of independent and solid-axle rear suspensions to give trike riders a machine that’s stable in turns, but also comfortable to ride in a straight line over rough roads.

You can find out more about Sabretooth’s lineup here. Generally speaking, it seems their machines are designed to go very fast in a straight line, with not a lot of emphasis on cornering, so these design changes are a move in the right direction.

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