Lotus C-O1 is “road ready”



Early in 2013, we told you Lotus would be bringing a motorcycle to market. Months later, the company claims their machine is ready to hit the streets.

The Lotus C-01 is actually constructed in Germany by Kodewa Performance Motorcycles, under license from Lotus and with help from the Holzer Group and designer Daniel Simon (who built bikes for Tron: Legacy).

Production of this bike will be limited to 100 units. The marketing spiel somewhat amusingly advises customers of customization options, but seeing that there’s only a few dozen in existence anyway, chances are you’ll stand out in the crowd if you’re aboard a bone stock C-01 – if that’s why you want a bike.

If you just want a motorcycle for boring reasons like performance and handling, well, the Lotus is supposed to deliver on those fronts. The bike’s 1200 cc liquid-cooled 75° V-twin supposedly puts out about 200 hp. The machine has a six-speed transmission, hydraulic slipper clutch.

Should you want to tour on this bike, you’ll no doubt want to strap a jerry can on the rear, as the fuel tank is limited to 10.5 litres.

The frame is made of titanium, carbon fiber, and “aero tech steel,” whatever that is. There’s USD forks up front, and twin shocks in rear – a somewhat surprising choice for a high-dollar superbike. There’s twin 320 mm discs up front, with four-piston calipers, and a single 220 mm disc in back, with two-piston caliper. Wheelbase is 1645 mm, with 15 mm of adjustability. The 19-inch front wheel takes 120/70 ZR19 rubber, and there’s a 17-incher in back rolling on a 190/55 ZR17  tire. The bike weighs 181 kg dry.

The press release we were sent doesn’t have an MSRP on this machine. Chances are, if you gotta ask, you can’t afford it – unless you sell your house, your car, and your kidneys.


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