Nova Scotia-Maine link suffers setback


The new ferry link between Nova Scotia and Maine is set to start service on May 1, but you still can’t make a reservation.

According to the CBC, the ferry company’s officials blame US government intervention for the problem; supposedly, government regulators won’t let the ferry company make bookings unless they prove they can refund the money, in case of a cancelled crossing. Still, the company says they’re going to be able to clear this up, and business will start as planned in the spring.

When it opens, the ferry run between Portland, ME, and Yarmouth, NS, will give riders a way to travel back and forth between central Canada and Nova Scotia without traversing New Brunswick. Want to hit the Cabot Trail without riding through Moncton? It should be doable, and doable in style. After all, the ferry line is owned by Nova Star Cruises, and the vessel contains room for 1200 passengers … and a casino. When the previous Maine-NS ferry ran, it was also a favourite of riders from the US who wanted to head north.

Supposedly, a walk-on passenger will spend at least $85 for a one-way trip, so expect to pay more than that for a motorcycle.

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