Dakar: Stage 10 Summary

Joan Barreda Bort took first place in the Dakar's first stage. Photo: Dakar

Joan Barreda Bort took first place in yesterday’s stage to make up 11 minutes on leader Marc Coma, getting to within 00:44:24 of top spot overall.

While Coma would have to run into serious trouble at this point for Barreda Bort to make up that distance, it’s not impossible. Third-place Jordi Viladoms is unlikely to pass either rider, though, barring a crash, as he’s now 2:02:03 back from first. Jeremías Israel, who was battling Viladoms for third, ended up having to drop out of competition, so now Olivier Pain is in fourth, at 2:16:12. He could easily pass Viladoms.

In fifth, it’s Helder Rodrigues (Honda), at 2:21:12 (he finished second in Stage 10), and, in sixth … it’s Cyril Despres.

Despres has had some luck, as other competitors have crashed out, but nonetheless, his charge through the ranks in the last few days has been impressive. He’s at 02:28:27 back from first, so, once again, a podium finish is not out of the question yet. He finished third in yesterday’s stage, and continues to work hard to redeem himself for earlier mistakes.

He’s running out of time, though; only Stages 11, 12 and 13 are left.

See the official video summary for Stage 10 below.

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