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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Creepy commercial

Check out this new advert from Volkswagen, touting their new technology that warns you if a rider is in your VW’s blind spot. Scary stuff indeed!

Road wrath

Perhaps that VW technology could cut down on incidents like this? Frankly, this rider is lucky the cager didn’t just drive over his bike after he started breaking mirrors.

Cage canceled

Ford has canceled their F150 Harley-Davidson.
Ford has canceled their F150 Harley-Davidson.

A long-running Harley-Davidson model was canceled recently. Was it the Sportster? Nope, think bigger. A Road King, then? Think bigger still, and add two wheels. And, it wasn’t H-D who canceled the machine.

For some reason, Ford recently pulled the plug on their longtime partnership with the MoCo on the F150 Harley-Davidson – maybe because it was one of their most expensive pickups and didn’t sell well. After all, it’s much cheaper to stick an H-D decal in your rear window and achieve the same effect. But for those who miss the respect that’s instantly gained by driving a motorcycle-branded truck to drop your kids off at soccer practice, perhaps a letter-writing campaign is in order – maybe you can get Chevrolet to partner with Indian, or Dodge to partner with Victory?

Wheels of madness

Ah, the East – a mystical setting, with confusing religions, cultures that stretch back to the dawn of time, and groups of men who think nothing of piling aboard a motorcycle five at a time and pulling wheelies. It makes you wonder how many riders they’d pile aboard something bigger, like a Rocket III.


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