Video: Indian’s Spirit of Munro rides the salt

Heritage sells a lot of motorcycles in the US, and Polaris subsidiary Indian knows that.

The new Indian wants you to believe they’re the old Indian, the company that made some of the hottest bikes of their day before it all went belly-up soon after World War II. So, they’ve built a sharp-looking all-metal streamliner as a tribute to Burt Munro, likely the best-known Indian tuner of all time, and released a YouTube clip of them running the bike on what appears to be the Bonneville salt flats.

No doubt lots of folks are going to accept this video as evidence that Indian has converted to the gospel of high-performance; but it’s essentially a show bike with a fancy shell built around what appears to be an off-the-shelf V-twin.

Still, it’s a nice video, and a nice bike, nonetheless. Let’s just hope Indian doesn’t spend the next few decades resting on the laurels of a racer who basically re-engineered and hand-built his motorcycle by himself to set speed records.


  1. Nice video – like the movie too.
    Is the v-twin not their new 111 released earlier this year? Don’t think that’s off the shelf, well maybe off of Polaris’ shelf.

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