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Jet set

Around Mad Bastard Scooter Rally season, we’re often hard-pressed to find anything wackier than the sight of 99 scooterists running around on back roads in costume.

Until now, that is. Behold, the Jet Bike. As amusing as the video is, head to this fellow’s website, and there’s even more information about how to build your own version!

As an added bonus, check out this creation:

But wait! There’s more!

Somebody should buy this guy a ticket to the 2015 MBSR.

Net worth

Vietnamese police inspect a scooter apprehended with their net gun. Photo: Vietnamnet
Vietnamese police inspect a scooter apprehended with their net gun. Photo: Vietnamnet

Question: How do you stop a speeding motorcyclist in Vietnam? Answer: With a net gun. Obviously.

The cops in Thanh Hoa are fed up with lawless two-wheelers, and have a new weapon in their arsenal to slow them down. Some of the language used to describe the gadget is pretty amusing; a newspaper article about the device claims it’s very quiet, to avoid detection and make it easier to catch racers (funny, we thought having a fishing net wrapped around your wheel would be enough to slow most motorcyclists down). They also praised its appearance, saying the police were highly optimistic about it’s aesthetics. Apparently that sort of thing is important – nobody wants to look uncool while hassling bikers.

You can see a video of the device in action here.

Source: Vietnamnet

Rated Arrrrr!

We’ve seen two-wheeled pirates before, but they’ve been running V-twins with loud pipes, not scooters, and they’ve never had their own parrot …

Odd gift

Not what the bishop was expecting to receive ...
Not what the bishop was expecting to receive …

Say you’re a church and one of your motorcycle-riding parishioners wants to give you a present because (they say) you’ve been an inspiration to them – what would you expect?

This is the situation a Kenyan bishop found himself in recently, after a mysterious phone call from a woman indicated he’d be receiving a gift as a thanks for the blessing he imparted to his congregation. The woman showed up at church, knelt with the bishop and prayed that she’d receive tenfold what she was giving, then handed the bishop a parcel and took off on a motorcycle.

OK – a bit odd. But things got even weirder when the cleric opened the parcel and found it contained a handgun that had been recently stolen from a local bodyguard (with half the ammunition used up upon its return …). He turned the pistol over to police, not knowing what to make of it … but we’re guessing he should keep an eye out for a horse’s head in his bed.

Of course, the oddest thing about this story is that he wasn’t gifted an AK-47, likely Africa’s most widespread firearm. Maybe she couldn’t fit one into her top box?

Story source: Standard Media

Born to be wild


  1. I remember that some time back in the ’90s Tokyo police were experimenting with a net that could be stretched across a roadway and then pulled vertically, to snare motorcycles, as a method of combating the bozosoku (bike gangs).

    • Thankfully, the bosozoku have mostly gone the way of the dodo. There sure were a number of years where sleeping through the night were nigh on impossible during the summer. Alas, during those years, the only thing I ever witnessed from the police regarding such gangs was utter ineptness.

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