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Bike meets bumper

If you’re insecure enough that you feel the need to star in a shaky homemade video, it’s best to keep the shiny side up, rather than have the world think you’re an idiot. Of course, that advice comes too late for this guy.

Old age insecurity

"There was this one time, I wheelied past the cops ... it was last week." Photo:
“There was this one time, I wheelied past the cops … it was last week.” Photo:

When is it time to hang up your motorcycle helmet? For Scottish pensioner Peter Farquhar, that answer is 70 years old.

But Farquhar didn’t pack it in because he felt he was losing his riding skills – oh no! Farqhar gave up riding after he was nabbed for speeding through a 30 mph zone at 100 mph. Then, when the fuzz caught up, he wouldn’t pull over. Maybe he’d turned his hearing aid off?

In any case, the local sheriff called him a disgrace, and banned him from driving for three years. Farquhar’s response was to go buy a bicycle and start cycling. You can’t keep a two-wheeled terror down.

Source: Daily Record

C90 insanity

Some people buy C90s to pottle on down to the grocer and pick up eggs and milk. Other people buy them and ride them around the world.

That’s what Ed March did – he rode his C90 from Malaysia to the UK. That’s impressive enough, but now he wants to make a movie about his trip, but he needs your help. He’s got a Kickstarter page, asking for funding for his film.

Is it worth it? Check out the video below and decide for yourself. The campaign ends on Sunday, so act fast!

Baby blues

"Hi mom - could you please turn the scooter around and pick me up??
“Hi mom – could you please turn the scooter around and pick me up??

When a pregnant woman in North America goes into labour, she’s usually driven to the hospital by her frantic husband. In Thailand, they do it differently.

Consider the story of a Thai woman who recently set out to drive her pregnant self to the hospital – on a scooter. Except, she never arrived. At least, she didn’t arrive in a pregnant state.

Apparently, as the lady was riding along on her step-through, a motorist behind her noticed something drop to the ground. Turns out it was the woman’s baby! She’d given birth en route and claimed she never noticed.

Thankfully, nobody ran over her baby, and they were both delivered to the hospital together. Needless to say, authorities are looking into the whole affair.

Source: Phuket News

Polka your eyes out

And now for something completely different … We’re not sure exactly how this song earned its title, but boy, that guy sure looks happy while he plays it. An accomplished musician like that probably gets all the babes.

Wall of death

Here’s a cool music video, featuring stunt riding, Indian-style.

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