New cruiser from Yamaha

2014 Yamaha Bolt
It’s a Bolt, but it’s not out of the blue – it’s from Yamaha.

Yamaha has a new bike in their cruiser lineup, called the Bolt.

2014 Yamaha Bolt 3
There will be a wide range of accessories available for this bike very shortly.

This stripped-down machine seems to be following the trend towards retro styling we’ve seen in the cruiser world lately (see the latest bikes from Indian and Harley-Davidson). It’s based around their existing air-cooled fuel-injected four-valve 950 cc V-twin, with five-speed transmission and belt drive.

While the bike has cruiser styling, Yamaha says they made an effort to ensure an upright seating position for the rider, resulting in what they call a “crossover.”

There’s a 41-mm fork in front, and a 298 mm disc brake with dual -piston caliper. There’s a 298 mm disc in back as well, but with single-piston caliper. Front tire is 100/90×19, rear tire is 150/80×16. Seat height is 690 mm, and wet weight is 247 kg. Fuel capacity is 12 litres.

2014 Yamaha Bolt 4
Here’s what the higher-spec R model looks like.

Yamaha is also putting together an extensive range of bolt-on accessories (including spoked wheels!)  for the Bolt, with availability starting in June. The Bolt will be available at the end of April, in white or black, for $8,999. If you want to wait an extra few weeks, the higher-spec Bolt R (gas piggyback rear shocks, upgraded seat and finish, available in green or grey) will be available for $9,299.

In the latest flock of retro-themed cruisers, it looks like Yamaha has come forward with one of the best efforts. It’s hard to fault the styling designers on this one – there’s little extraneous crap bolted on, and the controls look like they’re actually usable for riding, instead of propping your feet up on extended highway rides. Nice job!




  1. “what they should have done…” Yeah, well, what they DID was, most-likely, earn my business! I’ve been waiting a long time for a true metric Sportster competitor, and this should be it.

  2. Ectchually, what they should have done is taken the 950 tour and gone the vaquerro/f6b route with it. The money they spent on a dual shock setup was , like , for what?

  3. Having owned (sadly/briefly) a new ’05 Super Glide, I am looking forward to the first real Sportster-competitor — built by Yamaha, thankfully.

  4. I’m not a cruiser guy, but I like the look of this bike – a lot. Whoever designed the styling nailed it, dead on. Especially if you add in wire wheels!

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