Tech fixes to CMG

So it’s been almost three weeks of the new CMG and we’ve had some polite (and not so polite) feedback from our beloved readership regarding a few technical issues that they have had.

The first and most important is an incompatibility with Internet Explorer 8. This resulted in permanently dropped down menus, no images and grey text on a white background. And no, we did not intentionally design CMG to look that way, it’s IE being crap, not us.

Although we think you should just upgrade your browser (IE9 apparently is fine) that option may not be available to you all, especially when reading CMG from a corporate location. If you happen to be stuck with IE8, please take another look at the site and let us know if anything is still wonky (menus may still show dark grey on light grey), otherwise we’ll consider it job done.

We’ve also tweaked the mobile site with a mobile friendly template and  select ads that fit the format accordingly. You can even set CMG as an icon on your smart phone and tablet so you can always be sure to stay connected to what’s new on your favourite website.


  1. Actually I was browsing CMG on a system with IE9 and had issues with the template. Images didn’t appear where they should have and the background was white. Disqus also failed to properly identify my browser version so I had to find a system with IE8 to post this.

      • And of course now that I’ve had issues on a client’s machine, I can’t reproduce it on my own. No issues with either IE9 32 bit or 64 bit. Must have been a specific plug-in, or something causing the issue. Sorry, false alarm.

  2. Also the French edition is a dead end, at least with Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Otherwise, still a great site. BTW, what will happen to your long term test V-Strom once you are through with it?

    • Are you referring to using the link under the ‘CMG World’ menu? We’ve found that it seems to redirect you to the English site the first time you try but not the next, though we’re not sure why yet. In the mean time, the direct link is

      As for the long term V-Strom we’ve agreed to buy it from Suzuki and will continue the testing and mods into 2013.

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