Product news: New stuff from Kriega, Realflex

Not only does Kriega make excellent luggage, they're now offering crash protection with this Forcefield armour that inserts into their backpacks.
Realflex promises increased visibility at night with their new arm wraps. Photo: Gizmag

Here is a look at a couple new products on the market; both are designed to increase your two-wheeled safety.

First up, check out the new arm and leg wraps from Realflex (we saw them on Gizmag). These are something we’re more used to seeing on bicyclists or hikers, but Realflex also seems to be marketing them at motorcyclists.

While arm and leg wraps are usually aimed at keeping users warm, the ones from Realflex have been designed with visibility in mind as well. They’re made from three layers of material – a Spandex-type inner layer, an aluminum foil layer that provides reflective warmth, and a outer layer that has millions of reflective glass beads embedded for extreme visibility.

Realflex says these warmers are visible for 100 meters from all directions. If you’re into late-season motorcycling, they might well be worth the money; not only is it tough to stay warm this time of year on the bike, you also have to worry about cagers who aren’t expecting to see a motorcyclist on the street, especially at night. Check their site out for more information, or view the video below.

Not only does Kriega make excellent luggage, they’re now offering crash protection with this Forcefield armour that inserts into their backpacks.

Kriega also has a new product designed to keep you safe on the streets. The company is well-known for their tough, versatile lineup of backpacks aimed at motorcyclists; now, they’ve selling armour for their backpacks, to protect you in a crash.

The back protector, developed by Forcefield, offers CE2-level protection for users who want to stay safe while wearing their backpack. Not only will it protect you from impact if you fall off the cycle, it’ll also stop you from getting poked by objects in your backpack.

The new back protector is only 19 mm inch thick, 460 mm high and 260 mm wide, so there’s plenty of room in your pack for all the rest of your luggage. It weighs 350 grams, and inserts into the back sleeve of compatible Kriega backpacks.

You can find more information on the armour here. The medium fits the R25, R30 and R35 backpacks, and the small fits the R15/20. We’re not sure when it’s coming to Canada, or what pricing will be when it arrives, but we’re sure it’ll get here eventually.



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