Johnny Pag may bring sportbike, naked bike to Canada

Johnny Pag's Canadian distributor is hoping to being the Falcon sportbike to Canada in 2013.

We’ve kept you in the loop regarding Johnny Pag’s imports to Canada, but little has happened the last few months.

This seems to be an older photo of the Johnny Pag Leopard, another 320 cc model they’re hoping to get Transport Canada approval for.

Sven Bernard of WC Distributing says that’s changing, though; according to him, the 320 cc models are due to pass EPA testing in December.

Also, Bernard hinted that Johnny Pag will be selling more than choppers. The company sold a naked bike a couple years ago, and now they’ve got another one in their lineup, the 320 cc Leopard. They are also looking at bringing a fully-faired 320 cc sportbike to Canada, the Falcon. They’re waiting for Transport Canada approval for these models.

Here’s more interesting news: Last we heard, the company was trying to bring in bikes with a 600 cc single-cylinder motor.

Well, that’s changed – Bernard says Johnny Pag is now looking to source a BMW-derived 650 for some of their lineup. It makes sense – BMW’s thumpers are built in China, and the company that makes them has already been seen selling other bikes with that motor elsewhere.

The Johnny Pag Malibu. Their Canadian distributor says they’re hoping to bring in a 320 and 650 version of this bike.

In total, Johnny Pag is hoping to bring seven new models to Canada in 2013, after bringing no new bikes to Canada in 2012.

MSRP for the Leopard and Falcon is still up in the air, but Bernard says the 320 cc versions of the Malibu and Ventura will cost $5,495; if they bring in the 650 cc or 600 cc versions, they’ll be $6,995. There won’t be 650 versions of the Falcon or Leopard.

These bikes won’t be available for viewing at the Toronto shows, as Johnny Pag has terminated all their Ontario dealers (they’re supposed to be adding new dealers in the spring). For now, they only have bikes out west, so they’ll be at the Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary shows, with the Falcon and Leopard introduced at Calgary.


  1. We are in the progress of setting up a new dealer network for exactly the kind of people like DougD. The service and support was way below par in the last few years and we have taken over the Distribution for Canada a Year ago and shut down all operations for 2012 for a reason. As the article states, we did not sell any product in 2012. Why? Because it is more important to us, to set up a proper backbone for this Product then to just make a quick buck.

    We have invested a lot of money, without any return, just to adress the issues from the previous Distributor.

    We have sent out numerous parts free of charge for old Product, that we had nothing to do with, just to try to satisfy existing JPM Drivers.

    We have canceleed all dealer agreements in Canada and are setting up all new Dealers that have to pass certain requirements now to become a dealer. We want to make sure, we have only good Dealers with good certified Mechanics and no more backyard dealers for Chainsaws.

    We rather have no Dealer then a bad dealer.

    Now since our headquarters now are in Alberta, it made perfect sense to start on the westside first and we are setting up over here first. Not saying we will not accept new Dealers on the westside (as a matter of fact we have 3 applications in review right now) but we advertise and promote heavier on the westside for that reason. Hence the Edmonton and Calgary Shows being our most important shows at present.

    One of our biggest Fans is actually in Nova scotia and just put her 3 Year old spyder after 36,000km of wrenchfree driving away for the winter. Look us up on facebook (JohhnyPagMotorcyclesCanada) and see what some of our riders have to say about OUR way of dealing with service and parts issues. I am sure you be impresses.

    Hope this helps to understand a bit better, what is going on with our Company in Canada and hey…. Give it a shot, be a bit open minded and see what a great product we are now bringing to Canada. And yes the 1650cc V-Twin is coming as well

    Sven Bernard

    Managing Director

    The “NEW” JPM of Canada

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