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Closer to the Hedge

We’ve seen plenty of coverage for the Isle of Man TT in the past weeks, but we ran across one more documentary recently that we figured our readers would love to see …

Mother Russia

So, you think Canadian roads are bad? Behold the fearsome scenes of an even colder, more frozen country – Russia! By the looks of this YouTube compilation, Mad Max would be right at home on the mean streets of Moscow!

No Angel

The Hells Angels MC has a long history of exclusion; no blacks or women are allowed in the infamous motorcycle club. They even practice their policy of exclusion when they’re on a funeral procession run; watch the video below to see who they kick out …

Thick Thief

Here's what a GT250 looks like - although we figure the bike in question was a little crustier than this one.

A light-fingered U.K. resident recently found the classic bike scene isn’t all fun and games – especially when the police come knocking.

Sam Lowe came across a Suzuki GT250M while he was walking his dog last January. Seeing nobody around laying claim to the machine, he wheeled the bike home and attempted to restore it, but decided it was too much work. So, he put the bike up for sale on Facebook, and got £100 .

Trouble was, the bike looked like scrap, but was actually a collector’s item, belonging to one Sean Gibson, who alerted police when he realized the bike was missing a few weeks later. The bobbies did some homework and charged Lowe with the theft.

Lowe’s excuse? He said he’d reckoned nobody wanted the bike anymore, so he took it. He ended up pleading guilty to theft by finding, as well as learning a valuable lesson – vintage bikes are always more trouble than they’re worth.

Story source: Visordown

Art of the deal

If you’re determined to get your hands on a classic bike the honest way, here’s how you do it, according to the guys from the History Channel.

All Wet

Ever wonder how motorcycle gear retailers test their equipment’s claims? Here’s how!


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