Japanese Harley-Davidson's owner found

Ikuo Yokoyama says he lost three family members and his home in the 2011 tsunami; his Harley-Davidson was washed across the Pacific in a container.

Remember that Harley-Davidson we told you about Monday? Well, CBC says that the owner has been tracked down.

The bike in question was found washed ashore in the Queen Charlotte islands after supposedly drifting across the Pacific in a floating container after Japan’s 2011 tsunami. Despite the bike’s deterioration from seawater, the licence plates were still legible, and authorities figured they could track down the owner.

Now, Harley-Davidson officials say they’ve found the man who owns the bike, 29-year-old Ikuo Yokoyama. He bought the machine five years ago and was storing the motorcycle in a cube van in his yard when the tsunami hit, and it was washed away. The bike was hardly his greatest loss, though – he also lost three family members and his home in the catastrophe.

The word on the street is that Harley-Davidson is going to try to restore and return Yokoyama’s bike. If we learn any more newsworthy details, we’ll let you know.

0 thoughts on “Japanese Harley-Davidson's owner found”

  1. I do not forgive Japan for letting radioactive waste into the Pacific. Take his american pos and shove it.

    1. True. Motorcycles aren’t many peoples first concern on the best of days but they are a pleasure and a comfort to some and this fellow could likely use a bit of both.
      It’s amazing the resiliency that people display in the midst of tragedy and chaos and how a treasured or even a commonly used item can settle them or just make them feel a bit better even for a little while.

      1. From the article:

        “He said he bought the bike five years ago and some of his fondest memories were of his tours around Japan on it.
        When asked if he wanted to say anything to his bike, Yokoyama laughed and and said, “Thanks for coming back buddy,” in Japanese.”

  2. “….after supposedly drifting across the Pacific….”

    So, how else do you think it got there?

  3. it would be a nice gesture from HD to fix his bike and they would deserve alot of credit and good press for doing it. It may seem a small or unimportant gesture given what he’s lost but it would likely mean alot to the guy. I’d donate if there was a venue.

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