Is Casey Stoner planning to retire?

Could Casey Stoner be planning to ride off into the sunset in the near future?

Fresh off talk about Rossi returning to Yamaha come some more juicy MotoGP rumours; according to Solo Moto magazine, Casey Stoner is thinking about retirement.

The 2012 MotoGP champion is in the middle of contract renewal talks with Honda; Big Red wants to sign him to a two-year extension, and for good reason: right now, he’s the fastest motorcycle rider in the world.

But Stoner has reportedly been dragging his feet on inking a new deal, wanting a one-year contract instead of a two-year pact (although Honda says they haven’t pressured him into signing a deal yet, because he needs his space). That’s had two results.

First, it’s started rumours that Stoner wants out of MotoGP. It’s well-known that Stoner is very attached to his family, and supposedly the nine months he spends every year living under the public microscope in Europe feel like a prison, as well as keeping him away from his wife and child. Stoner’s also known to view racing as just a job with a paycheck, and he’s already racked up 34 MotoGP wins and held the championship title twice – he’s got nothing left to prove.

The other rumour floating around is that Honda would be interested in signing Jorge Lorenzo, if they don’t get the deal they want with Stoner. Lorenzo is certainly his closest competition right now, so that would make sense.


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