New GSX-R 1000 video!

Traction control? We don't need no steenkin' traction control! Watch the video below.

Increasingly, high-performance sportbikes are relying on electronics packages to wow consumers, not sheer horsepower and weight numbers.

Some people like the new trend, some don’t. Suzuki’s 2012 GSX-R 1000, without any major electronic wizardry on board, is for the riders who like to control their machine the old-fashioned way – with the computer between their ears.

Check out the video below, with former GP and WSBK racer Simon Crafar. Crafar partners with Suzuki at his Motovudu track school, and they worked together to put this piece on YouTube showing you that powerslides are still possible on the GSX-R.

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  1. That’s cheeky coming from the first manufacturer to introduce power-neutering at the press of a button.

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