Ryca Motors cafe kit: video

The Ryca CS-1 cafe racer is based on a Suzuki Savage, but you wouldn't know it from the bike's lines.

A few weeks ago, we told you about Ryca Motors’ Suzuki Savage cafe racer kit. Now, here’s the video.

Check out this YouTube clip, showing the world’s largest-chinned motorcycle fan in discussion with the founders of Ryca. It’s a pretty cool bike, and it’s even cooler that someone with loads of money, like Jay Leno, is paying attention to what’s a pretty low-budget custom, in the grand scheme of things.

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  1. I really like the look. The cost is OK too considering what you are getting, seems like quality parts.

    The unknown … 1) how does it ride? I get the feeling that it will be good 60mph cruising machine based on the very few reviews. One of the reviewers have said … “It doesn’t like hwy ramps”, whatever he meant to express.  2) Good luck getting a used one at low cost, so the whole project can still be price attractive. A quick look around and I couldn’t find a single machine older than 2004 and under 3500 bucks. Typical Canadian used bike market, scarce and expensive. S US will be necessity, unless you get lucky or don’t mind the cost.

  2. I’ve owned 2 Suzuki LS650s over the years (an ’03 Savage and an ’05 S40 Boulevard) and though I loved ’em both, the Ryca Custom is what I would’ve liked to have owned had I even known it were possibe … Kudos to the Ryca guys for their creativity and to Jay Leno for actually taking in interest in a Bike that is loved by few but ignored by many! Suzuki are you listening? Throw the LS650 Thumper into a TU-type frame, replace the carb with EFI, add a rear disc brake and offer a Standard, Cafe-style and Street Tracker versions and you will have a WINNER!

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