Brammo releases Empulse R details

Sven Bernard and W.C. Distributing brought the Brammo to Canada and took the bike on a publicity tour. Now, a year later, their distributorship of the bike has ended abruptly.
We figure the Empulse R will likely be a fully-faired version of Brammo's Empulse naked bike, seen here.

Brammo has released the details of their 2012 Empulse R, although we don’t have any photos yet.

Brammo’s new battery bike, likely a fully-faired version of their Empulse naked bike, will feature their six-speed transmission, and improved range over last year’s model.

In fact, if the company’s specs are accurate, their bike has even more battery range than Zero’s 2012 models. Brammo is claiming a 195-km city range, thanks to regenerative braking, (at a 30 km/h average), a 90-km highway range (at sustained 113 km/h), and a 124-km combined range.

The water-cooled permanent-magnet motor puts out about 54 hp at 8,200 rpms, with 46.5 ft/lbs of torque. The proprietary batter pack capacity is rated at 9.31 kWh (nominal), or 10.2 kWh (max). You can choose between an eight-hour charge, or a you can charge it another three and a half hours for increased range. The Level II charge adds five miles of range for every ten minutes of charge.

The battery has a 1,500 cycle life until it hits 80 per cent capacity, Brammo says. Top speed is around 160 km/h. The bike has two power delivery modes, “Normal,” which conserves energy by limiting how much current the motor draws from the battery, and “Sport,” which lets you ride madly off in all directions, with all the bike’s power on tap.

Brammo figures their bike costs about a penny a mile to run in town, and two cents a mile to run on the highway.

Suspension is made up of a fully adjustable 43mm Marzocchi fork up front, and a fully adjustable Sachs shock in back. Front brakes are radially mounted dual 310mm Brembo floating disk with twin four-piston brake calipers. The rear brake is a single-disc, twin-piston Brembo unit. Wheels are 17-inch Marchesini units, front and rear. Accossato, in Italy, made the tubular steel subframe and swingarm.

Wheelbase is 58 inches, seat height is 31.5 inches, and weight is 440 lbs. The bike comes with a two-year limited factory warranty, a one-year fender-to-fender limited warranty, and a two-year limited powertrain warranty on batteries and motor. It will be available in black, red, and white.

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