Alberta Mini Roadracing Association hit by thieves

We all know bike thieves are scum, but anyone who'd rip off a kids' motorcycle program is a true lowlife.

Every spring, the motorcycle thieves are back in business, but this time, they’ve hit a new low – they hit the Alberta Mini Roadracing Association.

The AMRA, based (obviously) in Alberta, helps put kids on the track and promote racing in a safe environment, without the expense of roadracing full-sized motorcycles. They also work with underprivileged children, and have been in business 11 years.

The group’s demo fleet included CRF100s,  CBR125s and CRF50s, as well as racing leathers for kids. But last weekend, the group found out thieves had broken into one of their storage units and cleaned out about half of their demo gear, including half their bikes and more than 15 sets of leathers and equipment.

Thankfully, the group’s inventory wasn’t entirely cleaned out; they say they have enough equipment to run some programs this season, but it’s a crushing blow for a group like this. Of course, it’s going to hit the kids involved pretty hard as well.

Want to help out? Contact CrimeStoppers if you learn anything about the theft. Otherwise, you can check out the group’s website here; we’re guessing they’d happily accept donations to help them buy new equipment.

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