WANTED – French News & Copy Editors

CMG news is going French! Mais oui, c’est vrai. And to do so we’re looking for people who can do the following:

1) Translate current English news articles into French. This is not a word for word translation but you do have to get the facts straight.

2) Copy edit the translated pieces to make sure they’re even better than the usual CMG standard fare.

3) Write you own pieces. Ultimately we don’t just want someone who can redo existing articles, but someone who can be part of our news team too.

4) Be available Monday to Friday from between 7 and 9 am (ish) EST.

5) Must be be computer literate and have access to a high speed internet connection.We use WordPress, which is pretty easy to learn and we will supply you with a ‘how to’ doc and training.

The pay is between $16 and $20 an hour depending on abilities and it would likely be about 4 – 6 hours a week to start. If you’re interested in this opportunity please contact us before the 27th of March confirming that you are able to do all the things we’ve outlined here.

Okay, jolly good. Stay calm and carry on.

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