KTM announces off-road support

Hopefully, KTM's new off-road support will help boost Canada's dirt riding scene.

Let’s face it: Money doesn’t make you happy (or so they say), but it sure solves a lot of problems.

That’s why KTM is starting a program to funnel money towards the off-road riding scene in Canada.

Through their new Off Road Support Program, KTM will start donating money to off-road federations in Canada, as long as you do your part. It’s simple; visit this website to find coupons to be printed and dropped off at your local KTM dealer. For every coupon they get, KTM will donate $10 to an off-roading federation (there’s a cap on the amount, of course). Eligible federations include the Nova Scotia Off-Road Riders Association (NSORRA), the Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR), the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR), the Saskatchewan Track & Trail, the Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association (RMDRA) and the British Columbia Off-Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA).

This money won’t just go towards things like trail maintenance and clearing; some of the dough will also go towards making sure off-road riders have a voice with the government, a very important idea in an age when many non-motorcyclists would like to stop us from riding in the dirt.

The offer is open until May 12, so make sure you fill out your coupon and get down to your KTM dealer before that.

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