New kickstarter kit for Sportsters

The retro-styled, Sportster-based Seventy-Two would be a perfect fit for the kickstarter kit - but the kit only fits bikes from 1991 to 2005.

It doesn’t matter that the magic electric start button has been around for decades – plenty of bikers still want a kickstart option for their machine.

Led Sled Customs is bringing out a kit to make some of those folks happy. They’re selling a kickstarter kit you can use to retrofit your Harley-Davidson Sportster.

The kit only fits 1991-2005 five-speed Sportsters. It features an Andrews main shaft, which replaces your transmission’s main shaft. It’s a bolt-on kit, but if you’ve monkeyed around with your bike’s exhaust (it’s compatible with stock exhaust and Led Sled’s exhausts) or controls, you may have issues fitting it. You’ll also have to relocate your bike’s master cylinder.

At $999, it isn’t cheap, but it does offer riders a way to experience the joys of “Sportster Knee” all over again. You can view the kit and get more information here.

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