Friday Fudge

Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

May the Force be with you

If you plan on riding to ComiCon, this suit could be the ideal outfit.

We’ve shown you Star Wars-themed motorcycle masks on Friday Fudge; now it’s time for the rest of the outfit, from UD Replicas.

UD Replicas has a bit of an unusual business model. They build replica motorcycle suits, strait from the movies; they’ve built suits for motorcycle-riding Batman and Daredevil fans, and now they’re producing Star Wars suits with CE-approved armour. Want to hit the road looking like an Imperial Stormtrooper? You’re in luck, but get your order in soon! After January 31, 2012, they won’t be selling them anymore.

It might be a lot cheaper to make your own suit. The Star Wars jacket sells for $598 Cdn, the pants sell for $329, the gloves cost $89, and the boots are $49. If you’re still thinking about buying it, remember this; this could be just the outfit for the 2013 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, consider the price tag, but if you wore it for a ride with your friends, the teasing might shame you into moving to a galaxy far, far away.

Cops crack down

Last week in Friday Fudge, we told you about hardcore Vietnamese cops who take traffic duty pretty seriously; apparently, some of the fuzz over there are chasing down lawbreaking motorcyclists and hauling them to the pavement using weighted fishnets.

That’s not the only no-nonsense tactic they’re employing, though. The word from Thanh Hoa province is that cops are willing to do anything to catch dangerous offenders, as a couple young fellows riding without helmets found out. Allegedly, the carefree scofflaws suddenly had a whole lot to worry about when law enforcement ended their ride by throwing a nightstick between the front spokes of their motorcycle. Ouch.

See the video below showing the incident’s aftermath, including an angry mob!

More criminal madness

The Borneo burgler should be happy he's only suffering from road rash, not an old-time vigilante hanging.

Baton-chucking bobbies aren’t the only crazy law-enforcement stories out of Asia this week. Here’s another tale of manhandled miscreants, but this time the law enforcers missed their mark.

The story starts in a village in Borneo, where locals noticed a burglar making off with someone’s electronics. Justly enraged, the good guys enacted a citizen’s arrest. Then, they realized the wheels of justice may grind fine, but they also grind slowly – very slowly. Tired of waiting for the police to show up and cart off the suspect, they tied his hands and placed him on a villager’s motorcycle pillion seat, for a quick trip to the cop shop.

But, the baddie never made it to his destination. There’s a reason why police cars have locking doors – they keep the suspects locked inside. The villager’s motorcycle sadly lacked such luxuries, and the burglar leaped off en route to the station to hide in the woods. Maybe all those wheelies on the way to the police were a bad idea.

Police are now said to be looking for the escaped crook. We suggest they start with checking hospitals for recently admitted road rash victims …

Story source: Borneo Post

Do loud pipes save boaters?
Sure, motorcycles are fun, but so are boats. That may be why St. Martin Power Boats has decided to put the two together. They’ve combined a speedboat with a Harley-Davidson engine, added their own liquid-cooling system, and are now bringing that potato-potato sound to the open seas.

This craft should be a major hit with the cruiser riders who congregate at Tim Hortons. Now, they don’t have to just be content with dressing like a pirate – they can actually live their dream.

Check out the boat’s video, below.

Story source: The Kneeslider

A close call
If you ride long enough, chances are you’re going to have a close call on a bike. That usually doesn’t stop us from showing up for work the next day. But Brazilian Denis Borges must truly have balls of steel – he survived the wreck in this video, then went back to business as usual the following day.

Story source: Visordown

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