Toronto council vote to re-examine free bike parking

The Toronto parking debate continues.
Council's vote on the motorcycle parking issue came yesterday.

Toronto city council has voted to scrutinize the motorcycle parking issue.

In a 28-2 vote yesterday, city council decided to review the issue of free two-wheeler parking. The results are due in February, says the Toronto Sun.

Council will not only look for ways to charge motorcyclists for street parking in Toronto, but also look for ways to charge for long-term, on-street parking permits.

Of course, city politicians say the move is all about fairness, and raising funds. They say there’s no reason why motorcyclists shouldn’t have to pay their way.

However when motorcyclists do try to pay their way, the ticket stubs they purchase can blow off, or be stolen off, their parked motorcycles, resulting in an unfair ticket. Before the free parking rule was in place, this happened enough that the city itself recognized the plan just wasn’t working, which is how we ended up with free parking in TO in the first place.


  1. So stupid…. Let’s go back to a plan that didn’t work in the first place.

     I have a better idea to raise funds, instead of charging Motorcycles for parking, about about the politicians take a pay cut.

  2. TTC – Toronto Transit Commission, AKA Take The Car.
    You’re right madjak, it’s triple or more time to get anywhere on transit, if it’s outside of walking distance…

    I watched the story on CP24 and the ‘knowledgeable’ city councillor that commented about getting bikers to pay their way, was saying that it was all about the unsafe nature of having 750 and 1200cc motorcycles riding onto the side walk in gear with the engine running, and the fact that scooters and motorcycles were taking up so much realestate on the sidewalk that it was impassible for pedestrians.

    I wish they’d get the story straight.  It is/was only free to park if you were legally parked in a city owned ‘pay’ spot.  Not on the sidewalk, and not in private lots, and not ‘anywhere’ you wanted.

  3. I guess Toronto wants you to drive your car to work in the city…makes total sense doesn’t it…more cars, more traffic, more polution…or maybe this is their way of pushing public transit…I don’t know about Toroto Transit, but here in Alberta transit is less than convenient…what would take you 35mins to drive can take 2hrs on transit, and that is if all goes well…

    Good Luck on that one…


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