IMSS get it wrong on Honda corporate booth

Everybody was wondering if they'd do it, and they have; Honda Canada just announced a national race series for their CBR250R
The CBR250R will likely be at both shows, the corporate booth will not.

You may have seen our news item on Wednesday about the International Motorcycle Supershow proudly announcing that Honda Canada were the latest of the OEMs to embrace the January IMSS with a corporate booth.

Well, it seems like they got it wrong. According to a source at Honda Canada they will be in Calgary that weekend, corporate booth and all. They will, however, be supporting a large Ontario dealer booth at the IMSS, something they have been doing for several years now.

No one seems sure how that got lost in translation but when CMG tried to reach the IMSS today for comment we were told that no-one would be available until Monday. We’ll update this story once we get the response.

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