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Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

Know your limits

We're pretty sure this bike wouldn't fit Bennet's criteria of three mods or less. Photo:

When do modifications increase the dangers involved with riding a motorcycle? According to a U.K. insurer, there’s a safe limit on modifications, and that number is three.

That’s right – according to Bennet Insurance, you can have nitrous oxide, a raked-out front end, and any other crazy mod you want, but as long as you’re at three or less, you’re fine. On the other hand, put four mods on your bike – get a new air filter, put on new grips and bars, change the mirrors – then you’re outta luck. Go find your insurance elsewhere. If you feel like being a smart guy and just not declaring your mods to Bennet, think again – undeclared mods can get your insurance cancelled.

If this sounds stupid to you, you’re not the only one. All we can hope for is that Bennet Insurance won’t start talks with the government – the last thing we need is the motor vehicle department getting any new ideas.

Story source: Motorcycle News

Taking the lid off

Sure, the poster looks harmless, but it's just the sort of thing that could get you fined $40,000.

A couple of two-wheeled celebrities have been busted by The Man lately, but it’s not who you’d think.

No, this isn’t a two out-of-control NFLers in trouble for ripping around on sportbikes. It’s not even a pair of hog-riding A-list actors with a long history of substance abuse. No, we’re talking about Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Their crime? Being photographed on a scooter without helmets.

We’re not kidding. Apparently Spanish authorities have fined the Hollywood heroes for riding a scooter, two-up and helmetless, for a publicity poster during a promotional campaign for last summer’s film Larry Crowne. The stars actually wore the helmets aboard the scooter in the film; they only ditched the lids during a photoshoot so their faces would be more recognizable on the poster. That was enough for Spanish authorities, though – they came down hard with a $40,000 U.S. fine.

So, that leaves us with only one conclusion: The only people more desperate for cash than the Spanish government are Roberts and Hanks themselves – otherwise, why would they star in a movie like Larry Crowne in the first place?

Story source: Telegraph

If it smells good, wear it

Sure, we’re against advertisements that take very un-cool things and try to rip off motorcycling’s adventurous image to boost their brand.

Unless that brand is Old Spice. Here’s the latest in their ongoing series of very awesome commercials, and it happens to star a motorcycle.

Jump for it

Robbie Maddison is hoping to set a new long-jump record on New Year's Eve. Photo:

If you’ve got nothing else going on for New Year’s Eve, why not tune in your TV and see what Robbie Maddison and Levi LaVallee are up to?

In case you’re curious, here’s a preview: They’re hoping to both break long-jump distance records, at the same time, in San Diego. LaVallee is hoping to surpass his own 361-foot snowmobile jump record while Maddison hopes to pull off a 400-ft jump, to break the existing 390-ft record.

You’ll need ESPN to take in the event, which kicks off after the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, around midnight ET. So, remember to lay off the booze – this jump could require you to see straight to fully appreciate.

Story source: Yahoo

Behind the mask

First, take a look at this menacing motorcycle face mask ...

Wannabe tough-guy bikers now have a new weapon in their arsenal of pathetic intimidation tactics.

Bikes in the Fast Lane has found pictures of a new product just for this group – the Motorcycle Face Cover, sold by Solid State Covers.

Sure, they don’t offer the same protection from wind or crash as a visor, but they look cool, and that’s what’s really important, right?

Wrong. Anyone who buys one of these bad boys (selling between $70 and $95 US) isn’t proving anything about their manliness. In fact, these masks look startlingly similar to the units the desert raider punks wore in Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior, for our Aussie readers, if we even have any).

Is this "Gayboy Berserker' gang member the inspiration for the new motorcycle masks? Photo:

OOOOOOOH, that sounds tough, until you find out the name for the punks was the Gayboy Berserkers. Have fun telling your biker buddies that one, while you swill coffee at Starbucks.

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane


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