Nesbitt: First female roadracing champion, worldwide?

Stacey Nesbitt celebrates her roadracing championship. Photo: Rob MacLennan
Stacey Nesbitt celebrates her roadracing championship. Photo: Rob MacLennan

Is Stacey Nesbitt the world’s first female champion in a national roadracing series?

Nesbitt took the Honda CBR125R Challenge championship on Sunday with a win over Richmond’s Eric Green. It was a tight race, with the top nine finishers  within 2.2 seconds of each other; Nesbitt only beat Green by 0.178 seconds.

That win made the 14-year-old from St-Lazare, QC., the first female to take a Canadian roadracing championship, but people are saying she could be the first woman to ever do it in history, anywhere in the world – quite an accomplishment for a teenager new to roadracing!

While some may downplay the win because of the series’ nature – the CBR125R challenge runs spec machines from Honda with a factory race kit, only putting out about 12 horsepower – Nesbitt can hold her own against far more experienced racers on the 125s. She should be proud of her win, and hopefully we’ll see more of her at the track in the future.


  1. It was an incredible race yesterday, and she was right up front the entire time. A well deserved victory, and congratulations to our first female National Champion! History in the making!

  2. Hey Moto Industry girl, the racing is better in that class — i.e., closer and more hard-fought with more potential victors — than in any other class. And as for Stacey’s ability, she is one second slower than Jodi Christie around Shannonville’s Nelson track on identical bikes. Now THAT’s impressive.

    • I reckon she would have been faster if she had used her own bike (they are all stock but you make little set up changes to make the rider comfortable). She set that time on one of the CBRs she had never ridden before. Shows that all the bikes are competitive.

  3. Congrats on your win young Nesbitt!
    Now I wish you guys at CMG would get your stories straight about women racers! This CBR cup, an amateur Canadian/national class, is similar to a club race. At this level, women have been standing on the podium in #1 position for years! Britian, Italy / Europe have won races! So please get your journalism straight- and please refrain from placing spin on your articles. Worlwide- geeesh!

    • Moto Industry Female: Series officials claimed it was the first international win for a female, and you’ll note that we asked if it was true, and didn’t claim it as fact.
      Nevertheless, the race series may be similar to a club race, but the fact remains that it is a national series, and Nesbitt won the series, not just a single race. We’re certainly not suggesting that she’s the first female to win a race!

      • Thanks for digging that out, rippen. Apparently we can’t believe everything we read in a press release… but still, congrats to Nesbitt!

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