Made in the U.S.A.: New Motus, Buell videos

With the new EBR 1190RS and Motus MST hitting the streets, could the stereotype of a slow American-built cruiser be dying?
With the new EBR 1190RS and Motus MST hitting the streets, could the stereotype of an American-built cruiser be dying?

Here are new promo videos for two very different made-in-the-U.S.A. motorcycles.

That is to say, the bikes are both very different from each other – the Motus MST is a sport tourer prototype built for the open road, and the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS is a high-performance superbike built for dominance at top speed – but the bikes are also very different from other offerings on the market.

The Motus’s V8-derived V4 engine certainly sets it apart from much of the rest of the pack, and EBR’s bikes are built with the same approach towards speed and innovation that Buell has taken his whole career. They stand out against motorcycles from around the globe, but especially against the stereotypical cruisers that rely on chrome and leather to get them off the showroom floor.

Check out the videos below.


  1. blah blah blah … as if doing an interesting motorcycle design is something only a free and loyal American could do … ?
    Surely there must be some awareness south of the border that innovative and interesting designs can come from other countries … even countries that force citizens to live hellish lives of societal restraint … like … umm … well every other country other than the fabulous and free USA … where everyone is free and happy and very individually strong and tough … and armed … just in case they ain’t tough enough.

    That Motus is a very cool bike however, and it would be nice to hear some discussion on the design as opposed to the virtues of the Great American Dream Fantasy.

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