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Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

For sale by owner?

Beyonce's bike isn't up for sale yet, as far as we know.

Usually a used motorcycle is cheaper than a new model, but one U.K. dealer is bucking that trend – for only 20,000 pounds, Farnham Honda will sell you Jennifer Lopez’s Hayabusa.

You might not think of J-Lo as the hardcore biker type who’d own a ‘Busa, and you might be right; turns out the bike was used in a Pepsi commercial (David Beckham and Beyonce were also in the commercial and have similar bikes, as does Tom Cruise, inexplicably).

The autographed bodywork from this motorcycle could be yours for a few thousand dollars - but you'd better bid fast.

Used bike parts aren’t getting any cheaper either. Check out this eBay auction; after she rode a GSX-R on to the Tonight Show, Paris Hilton and Jay Leno autographed the bodywork and put it up for sale, with the proceeds going to charity. Suzuki bodywork has never been pricier.

High prices, eh? We can’t help but wonder what the bike from Shania Twain’s Getcha Good music video would fetch. And, looking at the price tags on these celebrity bikes leaves us wishing for the old days when you bought a bike in a barn and found out it belonged to Elvis; well actually, that was just an urban legend, but it sure was a lot cheaper.

You can check out J-Lo’s ‘Busa in the Pepsi commercial below (and that’s free).
Source: Visordown

Factory testing – for keeps
When you think of factory testing these days, you think of crack riders decked out in top-quality race leathers as they hang off their bikes, ripping around corners at high speed, with all their throttle, clutch and braking inputs monitored by complex electrical instruments and nothing left to chance.

That’s not the way it always was, though. Check out this film from Avon Tyres, showing a factory rider from the firm’s earlier days. There aren’t any complicated electronics involved, and certainly no leathers. He’s not even wearing a helmet. Talk about believing in your company’s products…
Source: Motorcycle News

Biker britches

The new jeans from Levi's come in pedal-pusher or standard-length cuts. We bet most of them get sold to poseurs.

Don’t you just hate it when you go for a ride and you get your jeans dirty or wet? Well, Levi’s thinks you must hate it, so they’ve brought a pair of jeans to market to deal with such sorry woes. Called the Levi’s Commuter Jeans, they’re treated to resist water and dirt.

They’ve also got reflective stripes sewn in for visibility, and they’re cut to be more comfortable aboard your bike. The jeans come in full length, or cropped like pedal pushers (presumably, for bicyclists). We think they could further adapt these pants to appeal to the vintage motorcyclist – one leg full length, and one leg cropped for the kickstarter pedal.

Strangely, company execs don’t seem to be banging on our door for the rights to the idea.
Source: Cyril Huze

A stunt that isn’t long in the tooth
Family home videos seem to be a bit different for Jackass cast member Dave England. Your cherished video memories might include opening birthday presents or a visit from your grandparents when you were a kid. England’s videos seem to have more of an edge, though.

Check out this YouTube clip of his daughter using a motorcycle to remove her younger brother’s loose tooth. If the tooth fairy comes through with his money, he could even claim to work as a professional stuntman – although he isn’t likely trying to impress girls or work on a resume at this point in life.
Source: Cycle Canada

A real Superman
The superman is one of motocross’s most famous stunt – but most of those guys actually have to hang on to their handlebars to fly. Not Chad Reed, though – watch him take off without his motorcycle in this YouTube clip. If you still doubt that he’s the true Superman, then consider this: how on earth did he just get up and ride away from that crash, if he wasn’t the authentic Man of Steel?

For the truly lazy…

For the biker who's too lazy to use his kickstand comes this invention. Photo: Bikes in the Fast Lane

There are lazy people everywhere – even in the motorcycling world. And for those motorcyclists too lazy to fold their kickstand when moving their bike, here’s another patent that’s just about as crazy as the motorcycle air conditioning we showed you earlier this month.

It appears somebody with too much time on their hands has designed a dolly that fits under your kickstand, which of course leaves us asking why you’d want your kickstand sliding around at all – it seems like a great way to tip your bike over by accident. Of course, if you’re dumb enough to buy something like this, you probably deserve that.

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

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